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Housing Affordability

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally altered our community in many ways – from mass migration to South Florida to rising prices for consumer goods. Mike understands we need to enable policy options to broaden the range of housing options to meet the needs of our community. As an experienced financial advisor, Mike has the know how to responsibly drive down our cost of living – with fiscally sustainable budgeting that keeps control of our city operations. 

Fast Tracking Water, Sewer, and Flooding Infrastructure

Fort Lauderdale has clearly made mistakes in the past on our water, sewer and flooding infrastructure. Now that this commission has ended the practice of raiding the utility funds to bandaid the budget, we have made good strides since our crisis point.  It is critical that we continue to put a priority on the basics and fast track improvements to our water, sewer, and flooding infrastructure. 

Accountable Public Safety

When you dial 911, you need to know that help rapidly arrives. Mike will make sure our first responders have the right equipment necessary to keep our neighborhoods safe and protected – in a way that does not break the bank.  Mike will also focus on making sure the county’s current dispatch challenges are addressed, and identify creative options to proactively reduce response time.

Fiscally Responsible Budgeting

As a financial advisor, Mike knows how important fiscal responsibility is and how to best use our resources – without cutting corners. He intends to take a fiscally responsible approach to our city budget that reduces waste, mismanagement, and needless bureaucracy.  We need to get back to the basics, and that residents needs are met.

Improving Redevelopment and Traffic Strategies

Fort Lauderdale requires exceptional planning, engineering foresight to ensure responsible redevelopment as we approach buildout. We need to prioritize economic, environmental and community sustainability to protect our long term quality of life. By leaning into new technology and rapidly implementing a range of mobility strategies, we can fully synchronize our traffic signal system and more comprehensively manage roadway construction, improvement and maintenance.  

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events, and come meet the Candidate.